Parents we invite you to sign up for our First Ever … FAMILY BAKE OFF!

Grab your chef hats and aprons, this event is for Elementary Aged Kids and their family! Our team will provide the ingredients, your family just has to come up with the recipe. Compete against other families using the same ingredients and see who comes out on top with the best dish!  We will also have a few games and family devotion.
Our KidzHop team can’t wait to get cooking in the kitchen with you and your family in this physically distanced event taking place at Hop church on JUNE 25th. 6:30-8:30 pm

*This event is designed for Elementary Aged Children ( if they have preschool-aged siblings they are welcome to come)
*Each family will receive their own table.
*Sign-Ups end on June 20th
*Sign up here, on the mobile app or call the church office with any questions (440.233-6433)